General Background and Information

Usually alone and always poor, a FreeBorn is a Dragonborn that has either personally been freed by his master or was born into a family of FreeBorn. Being both feared and discriminated against, it is very difficult for a free Dragonborn to find paying work. Often they just end up going back to their former masters asking to be employed for meager pay. As finding legitimate work can be near impossible, many FreeBorn are forced into crime so that they can support themselves.

Class Notes

Bonus Feat: Durable (PH)

Note: If the Dragonborn is born free, it doesn’t have the “Master’s Brand,” otherwise, it does.

Fighter: Having been raised around other enslaved Dragonborn, you didn’t realize how frightened of you humans were. Having nothing to lose, you travel the roads as a highwayman, using their fear to rob them.
  • Equipment: Shoddy Longsword (-1 Proficiency Bonus), Shoddy Leather Armor (-1 Armor Bonus), Backpack, Clothing, Torch (2), 50 sp
  • +2 Intimidate: Highwaymen have to be scary.
  • Build Recommendation: Battlerager Fighter
Paladin: Whether by choice or divine intervention, you turned to the temples for aid. While in the temple, you realized that it is your duty to aid others like you, others that cannot fend for themselves. Now inspired, you take to the road as a sort of “Knight-Errant.”
  • Equipment: Shoddy Longsword (-1 Proficiency Bonus), Clothing, Shoddy Leather Armor (-1 Armor Bonus), Wooden Holy Symbol, Torch (2), 10 sp
  • +2 Perception: Having been in trouble your whole life, you’ve gotten better at finding it.
  • Build Recommendation: Protecting Paladin
Rogue: You spent years begging in the streets, trying to get by on charity, but you finally went over the edge. After seeing you beat someone down for money, one of the local gang leaders was impressed by your ability and inducted you in. Ever since then, you have been paid to break the legs for your leader.
  • Equipment: Club, Clothing, 40 sp
  • +2 Streetwise: You have to know all the dark places that are good for leg-breaking.
  • Build Recommendation: Cutthroat Rogue


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