Tamed Dragon

General Background and Information

Tamed Dragons are enslaved Dragonborn. These slaves are usually controlled with chain and threats, but the more wealthy slave owners may implant a curse which will kill the Dragonborn if it disobeys its master. The tasks that a Tamed Dragon might be assigned range from farming to soldiering. Tamed Dragons can be found in any place that has a population wealthy enough to afford them (as a Tamed Dragon is quite expensive).

Class Notes:

Bonus Feat: Toughness (PH)

Fighter: Raised with chains on your wrists and a spear in hand, you are forced to fight against your will by the whims of your master. You know that on the field, you are nothing but expendable.
  • Equipment: Leather Armor, Clothing, Spear, Backpack, Salted Meat (9 Units), Waterskin, Master’s Brand
  • +2 Endurance: Forced marches harden your body.
  • Build Recommendation: Great Weapon Fighter
Rogue: You were a novelty “pet” for a wealthy household. When not being gawked at or ridiculed by Humans, you would take care of cleaning and feeding the dogs. The masters began to ignore you as the novelty of having a “Dragon Butler” wore off. Now you are left alone, having to learn to fend for yourself.
  • Equipment: Exquisite Clothing, Exquisite Dagger (Stolen, Marked with seal of your master, Value: 10 gp), Master’s Brand
  • +2 Insight: Living as a slave in a wealthy house, you learn to pick up subtle mannerisms.
  • Build Recommendation: Trickster Rogue
Bard: You were forced to work the fields. While working you found yourself singing songs and telling stories to entertain yourself and the other slaves.
  • Equipment: Clothing, Sickle, Backpack, Master’s Brand
  • +2 Endurance: It requires stamina to work the fields all day.
  • Build Recommendation: Valorous Bard

Tamed Dragon

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