Feral Dragonborn

General Background and Information

Feral Dragonborn are those few that still belong to a wild tribe. True Feral Dragonborn are only found on their home continent of Elusia. Although they are probably aware of the world outside their tribes, Feral Dragonborn have probably not personally experienced it and any outsiders, even Dragonborn not of a tribe, are treated with suspicion, the stories of Edward Arbone and his attack on Elusia still in their minds. Those that have been to the outside world are generally exiles, cast out by their tribes. Although outsiders initially ridicule Feral Dragonborn as they would any other Dragonborn, Feral Dragonborn are quickly recognized for what they are and the ridicule stops for Feral Dragonborn are generally feared as monsters rather than ridiculed as slaves and pets.

Class Notes

Bonus Feat: Dragonborn Senses (PH)

Note: Feral Dragonborn are unable to read or write, they must learn in-game. Additionally, Feral Dragonborn must select Tiamat as their diety. They can change this as they become familiar with the outside world, however. Tiamat is not evil in their minds, she is simply their creator and ,in their minds, the creator of all nature around them. They know no other god, considering foreign gods fantasy.

Note: Upon creation, a Feral Dragonborn must select a tribe that corresponds to their primary coloring and breath weapon. Tamed Dragons and FreeBorn need not do this as this has probably been bred out of them.

Ranger: You are one of the tribe’s hunters, providing food and pelts to the tribe. In times of trouble, you also act as a scout for the tribe’s warriors. Hunters in your tribe are very well respected, this may have earned you some jealousy.
  • Equipment: Shortbow, Clothing, Dagger, Arrows (20)
  • +2 Nature: You know all the best forage and hunting locations.
  • Build Recommendation: Archer Ranger
Warlord: You are in charge of a group of the tribe’s warriors. An able warrior and strategist, you tend to lead from the front. There is fierce competition within the warrior ranks over who should be in charge of the warriors. There is always someone willing to fight you for your position.
  • Equipment: Clothing, Hide Armor, Spear, Javelin (2), Backpack
  • +2 Athletics: You had to be the best to achieve this position.
  • Build Recommendation: Bravura Warlord
Barbarian: A brutal and bloodthirsty beast, you’ve been raised to be a warrior since your birth. Powerful and noble, you hold the tribe’s honor above all else.
  • Equipment: Hide Armor, Greatclub
  • +2 Athletics: You’ve been training since birth.
  • Build Recommendation: Rageblood Barbarian
Shaman: You act as the tribe’s judge, medicine-man, priest, and lore-keeper. As one of the most important members of the tribe, you hold great responsibility and respect. You are the spiritual and moral leader of your people.
  • Equipment: Quarterstaff, Clothing, Totem (Dragonbone, Bears the mark of your tribe)
  • +2 Insight: With responsibilities such as yours, it is essential to be able to read people.
  • Build Recommendation: Bear Shaman
Warden: You act as an elite guard to the tribe’s head shaman and chief. In addition to your marital duties, you are a “priest” to the tribe, enforcing the shaman’s spiritual teachings and providing spiritual guidance.
  • Equipment: Hide Armor, Spear
  • +2 Religion: As a warrior-priest, you have a deeper knowledge of religion than other warriors.
  • Build Recommendation: Life Warden

Feral Dragonborn

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