History and Lore

Originating in what is now central Elusia, the Dragonborn came about from the Dragon Goddess, Tiamat (in human guise), mating with a human that ruled the region (his name has since been lost to time). The result of this pairing was a race of vicious dragon-men that swept through all of Elusia. By 2E32, these “Dragonborn” had taken the entirety of the continent.

The dragonborn adopted a tribal structure. Five “Great Tribes” were formed, one for each head of Tiamat. The tribes can be easily discerned by the color most predominant in their skin/scales and what their breath consists of:
  • The black tribe spews acid
  • The white tribe breathes ice
  • The red tribe breathes fire
  • The blue tribe breathes lightning
  • The green tribe spews poison

In 3E315, an army of humans flying the banner of Edward Arbone swept through and slaughtered most of the Dragonborn present on the continent. Many Dragonborn were captured and taken as slaves or living prizes. Two times since then, the Dragonborn have attempted to win their freedom through violent revolt. Both times they were put down. It wasn’t until 5E299 that the first Dragonborn were legitimately set free. Despite this precedent, the number of “Tamed Dragons” vastly outnumbers the number of “FreeBorn”.

In addition to “Tamed Dragons” and “FreeBorn,” there are still vast numbers of Feral Dragonborn located in the deep jungles of southern Elusia. Each of the five “Great Tribes” still has a presence in southern Elusia.


Tamed Dragon


Feral Dragonborn


  • In order to keep her creations from turning against her, Tiamat removed any arcane power from the bodies of her Dragonborn. For this reason, Dragonborn are unable to multiclass into Wizards or Sorcerers.


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